Becoming a Software Developer through Coding Bootcamps

If you are considering a career switch and don't know where to start, this is for you. Learn about how coding bootcamps can accelerate your skills and prepare you for what you'll need to become a software developer.

We've teamed up with ThoughtWorks & five brave JumpStart bootcamp graduates to share with us their journey and experience.


  • All you need to know about a software developer career (skillset, career path)
  • What coding bootcamps will teach you: A brief overview of the JumpStart program
  • The journey to becoming a software developer through coding bootcamps as shared by JumpStart graduates*
  • Fireside chat: Do you need a CS degree to be a software developer?
*List of speakers:

Sabrina Tjeng - Sabrina is a recent graduate of the TechLadies and Jumpstart bootcamps and currently works at SP Digital. She strongly believes that helping others is the best way you can help yourself to grow, and is working hard towards being a consistent #noZeroDays developer.

Ying Qi - Ying Qi spent her career in audit & finance before making the switch to IT. Currently a product engineer at Thunes, she believes in leveraging the power of technology for social good.

Tan Hui Tian - Hui Tian is a front end developer at Smartkarma and a JumpStart graduate. She is interested in many things. She works as a program facilitator for an educational NGO as an artist and art director.

Nicole Budiman - The last decade has seen Nicole building marvels out of random Lego pieces with her kids while trying her best to find joy in stepping on the pieces strewed around the house. A recent JumpStart graduate, she is about to embark on a journey as a software developer, building more things, one code at a time.

Pi Wei - Pi Wei studied electronics engineering. She worked as an engineer in the semiconductor industry and later went into early childhood education. She is now a software developer at Achilles Systems helping companies with corporate taxation.


ThoughtWorks JumpStart! is a 12 week coaching and mentoring program for individuals who want to build and develop specialised skills in software development using agile engineering and software delivery practices to jumpstart their careers in tech - supported by IMDA's Tech Immersion and Placement Program (TIPP).

Through their program, you will learn skills that you can bring to any organisation (e.g. enterprises, start-ups, voluntary welfare organisations) to create valuable working software. These skills include: essential programming fundamentals,agile software development practices, full stack and application development.
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